Our mission is to provide sustainable marine insurance for vessels, cargo & harbors worldwide with exceptional customer service.

A trusted partner for tailor-made insurance solutions

With headquarters in Sweden, our company culture remains deeply rooted in Scandinavian values. We operate from key strategic locations including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Bahrain, ensuring proximity to our clients and effective service delivery. Moreover, we have expanded our reach to Cyprus, London, and Hong Kong, extending our expertise and offerings on all markets. With our extensive industry expertise, we have emerged as a strong broking house, catering to a diverse range of shipping clients. Whether you are a shipowner, charterer, manager, agent, cargo owner, or port and terminal operator, we have the comprehensive knowledge to address your unique needs. Our clients value our independence that sets us apart from mega-brokers. We represent an alternative, ensuring personalized attention and a tailored approach. This makes us an attractive service partner to clients world-wide. We welcome you to get in touch with our brokers who are readily available to provide expert guidance and assistance. At Fairwater Marine, we are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our clients, helping them navigate the challenges of the maritime sector and achieve long-term success.

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Fairwater Marine's Commitment to Shipping

Comprehensive insurance coverage and risk management solutions protect our client investments in many different aspects. International shipping is a complex and challenging operation and risks are plenty and hard to predict. By joining forces with Fairwater Marine, clients gain a reliable and knowledgeable partner to maximize their shipping success. With a team of industry professionals, a deep understanding of the shipping niche, and a focus on adding value through their products and services, Fairwater Marine sets itself apart as a reliable and trusted partner in the shipping industry. By choosing Fairwater Marine, clients can harness the power of experience, knowledge, and innovation to achieve their shipping goals with confidence.

Fairwater Marine's Commitment to Shipping